A Look At Virgil Kaine Lowcountry Whiskey

Virgil Kaine, the Charleston, South Carolina distilling company is on a mission, as they put it, “to create the best damn whiskey around.” The thing that separates Virgil Kaine from most whiskey makers is that their founders, David Szlam and Ryan Meany, come from a background in the culinary arts as chefs. For them, the pursuit to create the perfect whiskey is fueled by their knowledge of flavor and ingredients, which has lead the two to tinker with infusions and distilling methods new to the craft whiskey world.

Virgil Kaine’s unique spirits, which includes their famous Ginger Infused Bourbon, Baron Robber Rye, Rip-Track Bourbon, and Electric Owl Sour Mash, are all tributes to their personal mission making whiskey their way, or in their words, “whiskeys we want to drink.”


Ginger Infused was Virgil Kaine’s flagship offering to the whiskey market. Their goal was to put a fresh spin on the classic Southern bourbon by adding touches of heirloom ginger harvested just down the road from where it’s bottled. This bourbon is ultra-smooth, has a well-balanced taste, and a finish with just the perfect amount of sweetness.


Virgil Kaine’s Rye Whiskey is bold in flavor with the spice of a high-rye mash with a dash of sweetness. This bourbon, with rich layers of spices and citrus, is perfect for craft cocktails or straight up.


This is a Southern classic sure to wet your whistle. Rip-Track is a smooth-talking bourbon with a hint of rye that brings the heat. With its spicy rye kick and kiss of sweetness, this offering is an excellent foundation for any classic cocktail.


Virgil Kaine’s Electric Owl is a first-of-its-kind whiskey that is not to be missed. Finished in Wild American Ale barrels (which started out their life in Willamette Valley, Oregon, hosting pinot noir), this truly unique batch is full of tannins with just a hint of salt. Electric Owl is Virgil Kaine’s favorite creation to date and will never be blended again–so make sure to get it while the gettin’s good!

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