4 Awesome Beers of Spring

Looking for the refreshing flavors found in the Beers of Spring? Check out Mountain State Beverages top picks for Spring 2018.

Ahhh… Spring! No matter how much of a winter person one may be it’s hard to not love warmer weather and the freshness of the season. To celebrate the emergence of flowers, fruits, and cool breezes, we have found some light and refreshing beers perfect for the coming months. Read our 4 Awesome Beers of Spring list, and pour a pint before the snow melts!


5.8% ABV

Oberon is a wheat ale that Bell’s Brewery fans look forward to every year. Oberon is fermented with their house ale yeast that mixes spicy hop characteristics with a mild fruity aroma. Made with only 4 ingredients, The wheat malt makes for a smooth mouthfeel, making it a perfect spring beer. Oberon is the color and scent of sunny afternoon.


5.3% ABV

This is an extremely refreshing warm-weather favorite that features yeast-driven banana and subtle nuanced clove flavors with light citrusy undertones. This offering from Blue Mountain is a perfect day beer and is delicious when served with a slice of lemon! Rockfish Wheat is available till July.


4.6% ABV

This light lager only comes in a can and with good reason, it’s meant for drinking in the outdoors. The low 4.6% ABV makes this beer rather drinkable (or as Flying Dog Brewery likes to say, crushable). It is said that this beer pairs nicely with “peanuts, Cracker Jacks and the sun on your back.”


4.2% ABV

This fun and delicious beer from New Belgium might possibly be the perfect springtime beer. It’s low 4.2% makes it extremely drinkable. It’s flavor spectrum of strawberry, cherries, and lime with a snap of sour is light and refreshing. With its dry finish and effervescent body, to put it plainly, is a beer not to be missed in the coming warming months.

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