For many, the idea of preflavored vodkas can present somewhat of a quandary.  Is this vodka of any real quality? What is it actually flavored with? Is the flavoring real or artificial? Is it going to be too sweet?  These questions can present a barrier between the consumer and product, and Texas-based distiller, Western Son, clearly understands this.  Western Son’s approach is remarkably simple: make award-winning flavored vodka using only natural, real ingredients. Here are some of their most outstanding offerings and a couple of recipes to get you started on the path to getting reacquainted with the concept of flavored vodka.
LIME With an aroma of fresh lime, LIME has a juicy flavor of succulent citrus that is perfectly balanced between sweet and tart. WESTERN LIME LIGHT COCKTAIL 1 part Western Son Lime Vodka 2 parts club soda Squeeze of lime
WATERMELON WATERMELON is bursting with a mixture of semi-sweet strawberry and vine-ripened melon; giving it a long, flavorful finish full of subtly sweet berry tones. WATER FROM THE WEST 1 part Western Son Watermelon Vodka 1/2 part Sweet n’ Sour 2 parts Soda Squeeze of lime
PRICKLY PEAR With the flavor of a juicy and lush freshly picked cactus fruit, PRICKLY PEAR finishes semi-sweet and lightly tart while it teases with wild strawberry, kiwi, and melon. PRICKLY PEAR MARTINI 1 part Western Son Prickly Pear Vodka 1 part apple juice 3/4 part lemon juice 1/4 part simple syrup Lemon wheel for garnish
CUCUMBER Remarkably delicious, and fresh with crisp notes on the palate that compliments CUCUMBER’S light melon, giving it a soothing finish of mild rind and harvested vegetation. WESTERN COOLER 1 part Western Son Cucumber Vodka 2 parts Tonic 1/2 part simple syrup Squeeze of lime
PEACH PEACH’S sweet peach marmalade and honey aromas tantalize like a perfect peach sorbet, and it’s body and sweetness create a smooth, silky finish. HILL COUNTRY TEA 1 part Western Son Peach Vodka 2 parts unsweet tea Squeeze of lemon

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