3 Awesome Ciders of Summer

Looking for the refreshing flavors found in the Ciders of Summer? Check out Mountain State Beverages top picks for Summer 2018.

With the summer season comes a switch to lighter, more drinkable beverages.  Although the craft beer scene is buzzing these days with all sorts of new and exciting variants, one would be amiss to overlook the emerging behemoths in the world of cider. For many, cider has been one of those drinks you naturally gravitate to or you don’t. Well, in 2018 that’s about to change. It would appear craft beer makers aren’t the only ones with refreshingly flavor packed tricks up their sleeves. If you’re ready for some ciders that’ll make you a true believer, take a gander at our picks for the ciders of summer.



Available in 12oz, Pony Keg, and Draft

It’s easy to understand why rosé ciders have been dubbed the hottest beverage of the summer. Even for those who have never tried one, it’s not hard to understand the appeal. Rosé wines are light and refreshing in their own right. It’s only logical that an effervescent cider punch up, with its crispness and drinkability, would make for a match in heaven. And of all the cideries tossing their hats in the rosé ring, few are doing it with the precision of Bold Rock Hard Cider.



Available in 12oz and Draft

One of the key differences separating ciders from the world of beer is how refreshing they can be in comparison. None so much represent this more than Woodchuck’s Pear Ginger. This crisp ripe pear cider is absolutely bursting at the seams with a surprisingly welcoming ginger tanginess, making it perfect for those hot summer days or nights.



I know, I know… Bold Rock, again? Well, their latest offering, Blackberry, is actually so nice we had to mention Bold Rock twice. This fruit-forward summer seasonal was designed for the express purpose of being the perfect summer beverage. Not overly sweet but definitely overly refreshing, Blackberry is a hard cider which should most certainly not be overlooked this season.

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